Reasons Why You should not Use Automated Tool for PSD to HTML

If you’ve recently purchased a website template from a designer, you’re probably looking to get it coded so that you can take the design live on your website. Getting a website coded is often not very cheap, but many people hope to lessen the cost of this step by purchasing software which can supposedly perform the conversion for you for much cheaper. The downside of this software is that it is often inaccurate and not standards compliant so you end up with a mess of a website. Here are some of the biggest problems you face if you use automated PSD to HTML conversion software.

1. Bugs – Code generated by software will never be completely error free, since there is no human to check it. These bugs can be minor display problems, to bugs that affect the navigation of your website in certain browsers.

2. Clean Code – Humans perform PSD to HTML conversions writing clean code so that your website loads as quickly as possible. Software performs this conversion and writes code that may get the job done, but the code will not be optimized for maximum performance on the web.

3. W3C Validation – Most software written code is not W3C valid code. Code that is not validated is often subject to errors and may not load properly in all browsers.

4. Quantity over Quality – PSD to HTML conversion software is written with quantity over quality in mind. This means it is designed to perform conversions over and over without any means to check the quality of the conversions it performs.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you’ll want to hire a coder to complete this conversion for you. Since you want your website to perform as great as it looks, hiring a custom coder that understands the needs of your website is absolutely vital.

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